Sunday Morning Services
Services begin  at 11:00am     
Sunday School
For the children and Youth, we have:

Nursery for ages 0-3
Staff on duty
Praise & Worship with Worship Team
Responsive Reading
Offering (Children go to classes)
Congregational Prayer
Pastor's Message
Communion (1st Sunday of Month)
Closing Prayer

Refreshments downstairs,
where we can get together and chat!
Youth bible class for ages 13-18
Bible Studies, Movies, Debates, Field Trips
Lighthouse for ages 7-12
Bible Lessons, Games, Discussion,
Projects, Field Trips
Junior Church for ages 4-6
Lessons,Games, Singing & Crafts
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"Hey Madison, what are you all about?"
Ha! That's easy.
   Jesus. Everything else is boring.
Worship Music
We have two worship teams that lead our worship time. The teams utilize a variety of instruments, including guitar, piano, congas, organ, bongos and Bass. The teams alternate from Sunday to Sunday and provide a variety of music styles. We typically have a mixture of contemporary music and traditional hymns during the service.
The church is the family of Christ (Mark 3:34-25) and we take that seriously here at Madison, manifesting it in a warm, welcoming atmosphere of worship, sharing and learning. Our Sunday service includes worship music, a time of sharing prayer requests, the Pastor's sermon and announcements of what is happening in the church over the next few weeks. Then we head downstairs for coffee and dessert!