That can never change.
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May 24th (Sunday):
-Sunday Message from the Pastor
-Worship Music with Deacon George (Facebook)
-Sunday School with Miss Gale

Greetings from the Elders of Madison Baptist Church,

We would like to inform and encourage you as to what is and will be going on in the weeks ahead for our church. This situation we are all in is uncharted territory for everyone, from the government on down so there is no playbook to draw from, but one thing remains an absolute certainty: Our God is sovereign over all things and He does not change- He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). As for activities and events that were planned for our church, everything is suspended until our government assures us that we can get back to what we normally do.
No matter what, however, we are still a church, a body of believers in Jesus Christ, and that will not change. Historically, believers have always adapted to any and all environments (1 Corinthians 9:19-23) and we are no different, so it is incumbent on us to find ways to hold together and encourage one another. Donít be surprised if you get a call now and then from one of your elders or their wives. We want to stay in contact, to offer words of hope, to pray with you and to remind you that you are loved. We are currently developing ways of communicating electronically and there will be announcements coming shortly.
In terms of keeping the church afloat financially, we ask that you pray with us concerning how we give our tithes and offerings. This is not a subject we normally focus on but there are fixed costs in having a church. We will be informing you on the best and most practical ways to handle this aspect of church life. You will be receiving updates from us and you can go to our website  and/or Facebook page , and you can email us
All in all, every day is an adventure as there in no way of knowing when things will return to normal but our God knows and desires for us to depend on Him for peace, comfort and the inner joy of knowing that He loves us and has secured eternity for those who love His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

-Tom Paul, Stan North, Fortis Mathieu, Dennis Toufexis, Tony Amato, Steve Condakchian, George Toufexis
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May 26th (Tuesday):
-Bible Study on Zoom, at 4pm. Write us if you'd like to participate!

May 27th (Wednesday):
-Bible Study on Zoom, at 7pm. Write us if you'd like to participate!
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