Consider Jesus
Crowds were always following Him.
People wanted to see Him, hear Him or talk to Him. One time he had to get on a boat and push off into the lake a bit so the crowd wouldn't smother Him, and people followed him in other boats or kept walking into the lake to get close to Him. Another time he was in a house and there was such a crowd that people tore part of the roof off and lowered their sick friend in. It got to the point that he had to sneak off outside of towns for the night to rest and to pray.

All kinds of people came to talk to Him.
The poor, the rich, the religious, the outsiders, the prostitues, the gangsters, the inquisitive, the sick, the desperate, even people with leprosy. He turned no one away.


1- People can't make it on their own.
We are held back by our sins, our fears, our confusion. We don't know our place or our purpose.
The world is too big for people- all people. Our own desires and our pride crush us but we won't give them up. We see things are a mess in our lives and in the world, and deep down, we know it's because of us. We worship ourselves, and we let ourselves down.

2- People know they need a Savior. Again, deep down, every person knows the world is not an accident, and that we aren't accidents. We know we have been created, and we know there is a Creator. We also know we'll never be complete without Him. There is an emptiness in our lives, as if we were made for something more. Yet we try to suppress this knowledge because we're afraid of giving up the things we actually know are destroying us.

...but why Jesus?

1- People who met Him knew He was more than a man.
He claimed to be the son of God, in other words, equal to God. How could you listen to someone who said He was God unless somehow you were convinced He was God?

2- He was completely authentic and approachable. What if God was completely approachable? What would that mean for you?

3- He never said of did anything wrong. That's what his friends and disciples said about Him, even though they lived with Him day and night for years. He was tempted in all ways like we were but showed us what a perfect life was like- not so we could match Him, but to show that God knows what we go through.

4. He healed the sick and performed miracles. Why would people have believed His claims if He didn't prove He had power of nature?

5- He taught people in a way that no one ever had before, or since. Crowds would listen to Him for hours and follow Him for days, even wandering into deserted areas without thinking of bringing food. They knew there was power in His words.

6. He loved everyone He met and had compassion on them. Not the way we 'love' everyone, but for real, and He proved it again and again.

7. He claimed He came to forgive people's sins and warn them of how serious they were. Sin destroys the world and us as individuals.
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   Jesus. Everything else is boring.
Madison Baptist Bible Studies
Jesus would solve the ultimate problem - death. Physical and spiritual - and bring Life
We can't save ourselves, we are too full of self-love and pride, which taint everything we do. How could we possibly approach a truly loving, Holy and good God? What do we have to offer- how could we live with Him in our state? At our best we're nowhere near good. We need forgiveness of our incredible debt of sin against God.

Since we couldn't save ourselves, and God wanted to save us, Jesus, God come down to earth, had to come and do it Himself. He lived the only life that didn't need forgiveness. Only He uniquely could save us, and out of love, died on the cross, betrayed and rejected by us. But it was impossible for death to hold Him, because He was life. After three days Jesus resurrected, showing death was defeated, and anyone who put their faith in him could have their shackles broken and become truly free to live now for Him, and to be with Him forever.

Quite a mouthful, isn't it?
That's the Jesus we want to consider in this discussion time together. Each meeting will be about a different part of Jesus' story, and we'll get to know Him and understand ourselves better every time. 

We meet every second Thursday at Madison Baptist Church at 7:30pm (check the calendar for dates).
Just walk right in!

Madison Baptist discussion groups and bible studies are a friendly place where people can speak openly and freely about the most important things in life and it's biggest questions. You don't have to be a scholar, and all kinds of questions are welcomed.
We're talking about God here, so don't worry. He made you for a reason, and He's listening as well as speaking to every person, one way or another.
So it will be just a bunch of people sitting around a table, talking. Try it out!
Are you looking for the keys to life, purpose, value, and meaning? They are not inside you- you will only find them outside yourself. You'll have to get that from God.