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To all of our neighbours in N.D.G. , Montreal, and beyond..
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Sermon 55 (Feb 7th/10)
When God Seems Distant,
Isaiah 63-64
Isaiah Series notes
Sermon 54 (31st Jan/10)
Vengeance and
Isaiah 63-64
Sermon 57 (Feb 21th/10)
All the difference,
Isaiah 65:8-25
Sermon 58 (Feb 28th/10)
Reality Rather than Ritual Isaiah 66:1-14
Sermon 56 (Feb 14th/10)
Found By Grace
Isaiah 65:1-7
Sermon 59 (Mar 7th/10)
Grace, Glory, Justice
Isaiah 66:15-24
Isaiah Series
Colossians Sermon 3 (Mar 29th/10)
A Worthy
Colossians 2 (Mar 21th/10)
Colossians Sermon 1 (Mar 14th/10)
Colossians 1
Easter (April 4th/10)
Triumph of Christ's Life
Colossians Series
Colossians Sermon 4 (April 11th/10)
Qualified for His Kingdom
Colossians Sermon 5 (April 18th/10)
Thanksgiving for Our Inheritance
Colossians Sermon 6 (April 25th/10)
Jesus, Creator & Sustainer of the Universe
Colossians Sermon 7 (May 2nd/10)
The True Head of the Church
Colossians Sermon 8 (May 9nd/10)
How God Sees His Children
Colossians Sermon 9 (May 16th/10)
Suffering with Glory in View
Colossians Sermon 10 (May 23rd/10)
Toward Maturity in Christ
Guest speaker (May 30th/10)
Christian Character - Is
There Such a Thing?
Colossians Sermon 11 (June 13th/10)
Continue Walking in Christ
Guest speaker (June 6th/10)
The Church in Quebec?
Colossians Sermon 12 (June 20th/10)
Continue Walking in Christ
Colossians Sermon 13 (June 27th/10)
Triumph of the Cross
To all of our neighbours in N.D.G. , Montreal, and beyond..
welcome to
Colossians Sermon 14 (July 4th/10)
Religious Bullies pt. 1
Colossians Sermon 15 (July 11th/10)
Religious Bullies pt. 2
Colossians Sermon 16 (July 18th/10)
Eyes on Heaven, feet on Earth
Colossians Sermon 17 (July 25th/10)
Dealing with Out-Of-Control Desires
Colossians Sermon 21 (August 22nd/10)
Basic Relationships
Colossians Sermon 20 (August 15th/10)
Wardrobe of the New Self (part 3)
Colossians Sermon 19 (August 8th/10)
Wardrobe of the New Self 2
Colossians Sermon 22 (Sept 5th/10)
Basic Relationships 2
Colossians Sermon 25 (Sept 26th/10)
Fond Greetings from Forever Friends
Colossians Sermon 18 (August 1st/10)
Wardrobe of the New Self
Colossians Sermon 23 (Sept 12th/10)
Boldness and Clarity
Colossians Sermon 24 (Sept 19th/10)
Boldness and Clarity 2
Colossians Series notes
Malachi Sermon 1 (Oct 24th/10)
Malachi Series
Malachi Sermon 2 (Oct 31st/10)
Did God hate Esau
Malachi Sermon 3 (Nov 7th/10)
Does all worship please God?
Malachi Sermon 4 (Nov 14th/10)
A Covenant of life and peace
Malachi Sermon 5 (Nov 21st/10)
I Do- A sentence for life
Malachi Sermon 6 (Dec 5th/10)
Coming soon
Malachi Sermon 7 (Dec 12th/10)
Can a person rob God?
Malachi Sermon 8 (Dec 26th/10)
The faithful are never forgotten
Malachi Series notes
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Philemon Sermon 1 (Oct 3rd/10)
Forgiving as God forgives
Philemon Sermon 2 (Oct 10th/10)
Always Thankful
Philemon Sermon 3 (Oct 17th/10)
A Wonderful Life Transformed
Philemon Series
Philemon Series notes
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Joshua Sermon 1 (Jan 9th/11)
Introducing Joshua
Joshua Sermon 2 (Jan 16th/11)
God commissions Joshua
Joshua Sermon 3 (Jan 23rd/11)
A Sources of Courage
Joshua Sermon 4 (Jan 30th/11)
Reputation that Reflects God's
Joshua Sermon 5 (Feb 6th/11)
Joshua Sermon 6 (Feb 13th/11)
The Lord Will Do Amazing Things
Joshua Sermon 7 (Feb 20th/11)
Joshua Sermon 8 (Feb 27th/11)
Consecration Before Combat
Joshua Sermon 9 (Mar 6th/11)
Consecration Before Combat
Joshua Sermon 10 (Mar 20th/11)
Consecration Before Combat
Joshua Sermon 11 (Mar 27th/11)
Balancing Justice, Judgment
& Grace
Joshua Sermon 12 (Apr 3rd/11)
Dangerous Presumptions
Joshua Sermon 13 (Apr 10th/11)
Concealed Rebellion
Joshua Sermon 14 (Apr 17th/11)
Renewing the Covenant
Joshua Sermon 15 (May 1st/11)
Acting Before Asking
Joshua Sermon 16 (May 8th/11)
A Day Like No Other
Joshua Sermon 17 (May 22nd/11)
Persevering In Pleasing God
Joshua Sermon 18 (Jun 12th/11)
Settling Into the Land
Joshua Sermon 19 (Jun 19th/11)
Settling Into the Land
Joshua Sermon 20 (Jun 26th/11)
Posession or Procrastination?
Joshua Sermon 21 (July 3rd/11)
Cities of Refuge
Joshua Sermon 22 (July 10th/11)
The Levites- God Provides
Joshua Sermon 23 (July 17th/11)
An Alternative Altar?
Joshua Sermon 24 (July 24th/11)
Joshua's Final Counsel
Joshua Sermon 25 (July31st/11)
Joshua Series
Joshua Series notes
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Judges Sermon 2 (August 14th/11)
Knowing God Thru Life's Battles
Judges Sermon 1 (August 7th/11)
Intro to Judges
Judges Sermon 5 (September 11th/11)
Judges Sermon 3 (August 21st/11)
Pattern of Descent
Judges Sermon 4 (August 28th/11)
Never Cross a Jewish Mother
Judges Sermon 6 (September 18th/11)
Judges Sermon 7 (September 25th/11)
Judges Sermon 9 (October 9th/11)
Judges Sermon 8 (October 2nd/11)
Judges Sermon 10 (October 16th/11)
Judges Sermon 11 (October 23rd/11)
Judges Sermon 12 (October 30th/11)
Judges Sermon 13 (November 6th/11)
If we call Him Lord
Judges Sermon 14 (November 13th/11)
The Ungoverned Heart
Judges Series notes
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Judges Series
1st Samuel Sermon 27 (August25th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 1 (January 22nd/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 2 (January 29th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 3 (February 5th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 4 (February 12th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 5 (February 19th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 6 (February 26th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 7 (March 4th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 8 (March 11th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 9 (March 18th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 10 (March 25th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 11 (April 1st/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 12 (April 15th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 13 (April 22nd/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 14 (April 29nd/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 15 (May 6th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 16 (May 13th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 17 (June 10th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 18
(coming soon)
1st Samuel Sermon 19 (June 24th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 20 (July 1st/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 21 (July 8th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 24 (July 29th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 22 (July 15th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 23 (July 22nd/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 25 (August 5th/12)
1st Samuel Sermon 26 (August 12th/12)
1st Samuel Series
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1st Samuel Series notes
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Philippians Sermon 17 (Aug 30th)

Philippians Sermon 16 (Aug 16th)

Philippians Sermon 15 (Aug 9th)

Philippians Sermon 14 (Aug 2nd)

Philippians Sermon 13 (July 26th)

Philippians Sermon 12 (July 19th)

Philippians Sermon 11 (July 12th)

Philippians Sermon 10 (July 5th)

Philippians Sermon 9 (June 28th)

Philippians Sermon 8 (May 31st)

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Philippians Sermon 3 (April 26th)

Philippians Sermon 2 (April 19th)

Philippians Sermon 1 (April 12th)
2nd Corinthians Sermon 26 (Jan 5th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 25 (Dec 29nd)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 24 (Dec 22nd)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 23 (Dec 15th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 22 (Dec 8th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 21 (Nov 24th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 20 (Nov 17th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 19 (Nov 10th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 18 (Nov 3rd)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 17 (Oct 27th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 16 (Oct 20th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 15 (Oct 13th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 14 (Oct 6th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 13 (Sept 29th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 12 (Sept 22th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 11 (Sept 15th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 10 (Sept 8th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 9 (Aug 25th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 8 (Aug 18th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 7 (Aug 11th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 6 (Aug 4th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 5 (July 28th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 4 (July 21st)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 3 (July 14th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 2 (July 7th)

2nd Corinthians Sermon 1 (June 30th)
2nd Corinthians
Galatians Sermon 19 (June 8th)

Galatians Sermon 18 (June 1st)

Galatians Sermon 17 (May 25th)

Galatians Sermon 16 (May 18th)

Galatians Sermon 15 (May 11th)

Galatians Sermon 14 (May 4th)

Galatians Sermon 13 (Apr 27th)

Galatians Sermon 12 (Apr 13th)

Galatians Sermon 11 (Apr 6th)

Galatians Sermon 10 (Mar 23rd)

Galatians Sermon 9 (Mar 16th)

Galatians Sermon 8 (Mar 9th)

Galatians Sermon 7 (Mar 2nd)

Galatians Sermon 6 (Feb 23rd)

Galatians Sermon 5 (Feb 16th)

Galatians Sermon 4 (Feb 9th)

Galatians Sermon 3 (Feb 2nd)

Galatians Sermon 2 (Jan 26th)

Galatians Sermon 1 (Jan 19th)
Ephesians Sermon 33 (March 22nd)

Ephesians Sermon 32 (March 15th)

Ephesians Sermon 31 (March 8th)

Ephesians Sermon 30 (March 1st)

Ephesians Sermon 29 (February 22nd)

Ephesians Sermon 28 (February 15th)

Ephesians Sermon 27 (February 8th)

Ephesians Sermon 25 (February 1st)

Ephesians Sermon 24 Part 3 (January 25th)

Ephesians Sermon 24 Part 2 (January 18th)

Ephesians Sermon 24 Part 1 (January 11th)

Ephesians Sermon 23 (December 28th)

Ephesians Sermon 22 (December 14th)

Ephesians Sermon 21 (December 7th)

Ephesians Sermon 20 Coming Soon

Ephesians Sermon 19 Coming Soon

Ephesians Sermon 18 (November 9th)

Ephesians Sermon 17 (November 2th)

Ephesians Sermon 16 (October 26th)

Ephesians Sermon 15 (October 19th)

Ephesians Sermon 14 (October 12th)

Ephesians Sermon 13 (October 5th)

Ephesians Sermon 12 (September 28th)

Ephesians Sermon 11 (September 21st)

Ephesians Sermon 10 (September 14th)

Ephesians Sermon 9 (September 7th)

Sermon 7-8 Technical Difficulties

Ephesians Sermon 6 (July 27th)

Ephesians Sermon 5 (July 20th)

Ephesians Sermon 4 (July 13th)

Ephesians Sermon 3 (July 6th)

Ephesians Sermon 2 (June 29nd)

Ephesians Sermon 1 (June 22nd)
Beatitudes (Mar 3rd/13)
George Toufexis

Special Message (Nov 28/10)
Learn Watch Grow
George Toufexis
Special Message (Dec 19/10)
Faith Built on Promises
Pastor's Christmas Message
Special Message (Mar 13th/11)
George Toufexis
Special Message (Apr 24th/11)
Easter Sunday
Special Message (May15th/11)
George Toufexis
Special Message (May29th/11)
Ron Grossman
Special Message (Jun 5th/11)
George Toufexis

Special Message (Aug 21st/11)
Mr. G. Hodgson

Easter Message (April 8th/12)
Pastor Tom

The Temptation of Jesus Pt.1 (May 20th/12)
George Toufexis

The Temptation of Jesus Pt.2(May 27th/12)
George Toufexis

Ask Any Question (Aug 19th/12)
Dennis Toufexis

Lord of the Sabbath (Nov25th/12)
George Toufexis

Ruth Sermon 7 (January 15th/12)

Ruth Sermon 3 (December 11th/11)
A Gift from God

Ruth Sermon 2 (December 4th/11)
Loss, Love & Loyalty

Ruth Sermon 1 (November 27th/11)
Faithful Living in a Decadent Time

Ruth Sermon 6 (January 8th/12)
Let Your Light Shine

Ruth Sermon 5 (January 1st/12)
Doctrine & Duty

Ruth Series notes
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Ruth Sermon 4 (December 18th/11)

Ruth Series
Titus Sermon 16 (Dec 30th/12)
Titus Notes
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Titus Sermon 2 (Sept 9th/12)

Titus Sermon 3 (Sept 16th/12)
(Technical Difficulties: Coming Soon)

Titus Sermon 1 (Sept 2nd/12)

Titus Sermon 4 (Sept 23/12)
Elders: Men of the Book

Titus Sermon 5 (Sept 30th/12)
Titus Sermon 6 (Oct 7th/12)
(Technical Difficulties: Coming Soon)
Titus Sermon 7 (Oct 14th/12)
Titus Sermon 8 (Oct 21st/12)
Titus Sermon 9 (Oct 28th/12)
Titus Sermon 10 (Nov 4th/12)
Titus Sermon 11 (Nov 11th/12)
Titus Sermon 12 (Dec 2nd/12)
Titus Sermon 13 (Dec 9th/12
Titus Sermon 14 (Dec 16th/12)
Titus Sermon 17 (Jan 6th/13)
Titus Sermon 15 (Dec 23rd/12)
Titus Series
2nd Samuel Series
2nd Samuel Sermon 9 (Mar 17th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 8 (Mar 10th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 7 (Feb 24th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 6 (Feb 17th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 5 (Feb 10th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 4 (Feb 3rd/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 3 (Jan 27th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 2 (Jan 20th/13)
(coming soon)
2nd Samuel Sermon 1 (Jan 13th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 10 (Mar 17th/13)
(coming soon)
2nd Samuel Sermon 11 (Apr 7th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 12 (Apr 14th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 13 (Apr 21st/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 14 (Apr 28th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 15 (May 5th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 16 (May 12th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 17 (May 19th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 18 (May 26th/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 19 (June 2nd/13)
2nd Samuel Sermon 20 (June 23rd/13)