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A group that operates on Facebook Messenger where the members share Christian songs, from YouTube,  once a week on Saturdays. The purpose is to have a  new list of songs to use for worship each week while we are shut in. Please contact Bev North for more information on how you can join this closed group.
MSMVP- Madison Sunday Morning Virtual Praise
Young Adult Sunday Zoom (ages 19+)
Every Sunday morning at 11:00am the Young Adults get together online for a Zoom session, where they have discussions on issues in their lives, bible studies and general fellowship time. A great chance to refresh your soul. Contact us to get an invitation to the Zoom session or just to talk.
Youth Group Sunday Zoom (ages 13-18)
Sundays at 1:00pm the Youth Group gets together on Zoom. If you'd like to join, Contact us to get an invitation to the Zoom session.
If you want to get together with people from the church you are most welcome. We have several weekly bible studies you can attend, and here below are some of the other online meet ups our church has ongoing.
Now that the pandemic is receding....
...we'll continue with our regular Sunday service, Men's dinners, Church potlucks, seasonal music events, free community art classes (pencil & watercolour), Young Adult & Youth Group activities and meetings, movies nights, picnics, and of course the Mad Monk Cafe events. We're doing a bit of reorganizing now, so it may take a little while to get things up to speed for events!
The calendar is kept up to date and will let you know which events are coming up, and all the details. Click on the image below:
(On hold now that we're back in the building)